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2024 marks the 6th Annual Cape Ice Classic hosted by the Seahawks Elite HC based in Hyannis, MA. This annual event is a Cape Cod beauty! The EHF based elite organizations represented here are fantastic, there is an electric atmosphere at the HYCC (Hyannis Youth and Community Center).


The Lobster Pot needs no introduction. This annual MITE only hockey tournament may be the best starting point for any young hockey player. The atmosphere is insane with live music being played in multiple Cape Cod locations throughout the St. Patrick's Day weekend. Count yourself lucky if you get a sighting of Larry and Louie the lobsters.

Eastern Hockey Federation playoffs

THE FED's BEST compete in the Playoffs.

The playoffs are always a display of competition at the highest levels. We'll be covering select venues: Hobomock, Rockland, The Bog, Bavis and Canton Sportsplex.


This annual hockey tournament is an awesome destination event hosted by the Potomac Patriots Hockey Organization near Washington, D.C. Competition is very high, and this event features some amazing professional women's hockey sponsorship affording young ladies from all over the country access to an atmosphere of competitive growth and mentorship.


Mass State Championships run from end of Winter through Spring time across the state. We do not cover many events, so please check with us about our shooting schedule.

Sample photos from these amazing hockey tournaments

You'll only get SilverPeak Photos at these events. Visit our Facebook Page for many more!

Our Team Package is wildly popular - All you have to do is group together to purchase the package - pay the lowest rate per person- and get a ton of great shots of every player. Visit our Facebook Reviews Page to read stories of our success and happy parents.


How many photos does the package include?

We literally take hundreds of photos per game, and estimate that you will get between 500-600 or more photos.

Where are you based and do you travel?

We are located in Pembroke, MA and travel around the Northeast to cover events.

When will we get our photos?

After the end of the event, we typically need a week or two to organize all photos and deliver them via email.

Do you include a Team Photo?

We will do our best to get a team photo to include for free in your team package. However, sometimes due to the nature of fast-paced time-boxed sporting events, and often for reasons outside of our control, we can't take the team picture. As long as your team is well aware ahead of time that we plan to take their team picture, and they agree to be ready on time, then YES it's included. If we capture it - it's free!

Do you get photos of all players?

If all of the players play in the game, then YES. If your player is hurt or somehow doesn't play for some reason then it's out of our control. However, ask about our guarantees - if any parent is not happy with their purchase they can contact us directly!

Do you photograph all games?

Unforunately NO. There's at least 3 arenas going at once for the whole weekend. We typically sell to a smaller fraction of the teams attending. We are a premium service and must be booked ahead to guarantee coverage.

What is your guarantee of our satisfaction?

Checkout our samples on Facebook, as well as those posted above. These are actual photos from the 2022-2023 Season. We've been specializing in Action Shots for nearly 10 years and we've never had a single team ask for their money back! The photos are amazing and you'll be so glad you ordered!

Do you sell on-site?

Since our schedule is determined ahead, based on teams who pre-ordered, there is a very low chance that we'll be able to fit you in, however, if you didn't pre-order, stop by our table and ask!

Do prints come with the team package? Do you sell Prints and Photo Gifts?

The Digital Team Package entitles the team to the photo files in digital form. There are no printed materials that come with your package.

We do offer a print service for a nominal fee - or you can simply download the photos and use your own printing service.

On-site, we do take orders for Customized Posters and Magazine Covers made from the photos we capture.

What else do you sell at the event?

We sell SilverPeak Sportraits and Magainze Covers; Customized digital artwork made from the amazing photos we capture of your players. See samples on our main website. These items are sold separately on an individual basis. Please see our table or order from our shop ahead of the event.

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