DY Lacrosse - Team Picture Day Info


updated 5/21/2024


Date: Wednesday May 29th, 2024

Check Organization for Exact Times for your team!


at Dennis-Yarmouth Middle School: 286 Station Ave, South Yarmouth

Dear Parents,

Please arrive with your players' Gloves and Sticks at your team's designated picture times. Follow these three easy steps below for a successful Picture day.


-Coaches ALSO take their pictures so they can be included in the team photo - no purchase necessary for coaches.

Everything below the 3 steps is extra information about our packages, products, and prices.

If you have any questions please email: silverpeakstudios@gmail.com













Download PDF Photo Order Form

Click the link below to download our PDF Order Form File. This is the form you must DOWNLOAD, PRINT, FILL-OUT, and bring with you on picture day WITH payment (Cash, Credit, or Check). We have extra forms available on picture day.

Important: Make checks payable to 

SilverPeak Studios LLC

Find your team on the Picture Day Schedule

Find your team’s PICTURE TIME (and Location / Date).

Important: Your team’s photos start precisely at the “PICTURE TIME” published by the organization.

Attend Picture Day

With your payment and form in hand: Find our Photo Table/Booth on Picture Day prior to your team’s PICTURE TIME.

After your payment is made, your player can get in line for their photos.

Important: No orders after picture day.  Coaches should also plan to take their photos wearing proper uniform.



If you plan to attend with Child, no need to fill out payment info, we have a table and can take your card, cash, apple-pay or check in-person and answer any questions you may have.


PICTURE TIME is the moment the first player is photographed. In order to avoid loss of practice time, all players should arrive early enough to be dressed and ready for pictures by PICTURE TIME.


We understand that things come up…

(BUT NOT IN BASEBALL! just kidding…)

If you can’t attend your team’s slot contact us: silverpeakstudios@gmail.com

There is no make-up date scheduled. Make-ups slow our ability to process the team’s photos, however we’ll make every effort to have you attend another shoot for another organization in a timely manner.

That’s it! See you on Picture Day!

End of Instructions - All info below is samples, prices & FAQ (optional read)

Frequently Asked Questions

What color jerseys should we wear?

Typically dark jersey is best - ask your Head Coach who has the final decision on the color. All players must wear the same color.

Can I pre-Order Photos online?

Unfortunately we ONLY take picture orders in-person on picture day via hand-written form. The cost (which would need to be passed on to you) are very high to do online sales. Please do download and print our form if you'd like to prepare your order ahead of arrival.

Can I order after picture day?

You must place your order on picture day. Orders are sent for bulk processing, and we need to deliver asap - we can't wait for orders to come in later.

How does the photography process work?

On picture day - we photograph all players and coaches individually prior to a given practice at a time listed on our schedule. While players are having their photos taken, we also take orders on-site with customer sales tables. We have extra forms and samples to make your purchase easy and efficient. After picture day we compose a team photo in Photoshop. Photos are off to processing artwork, and the turnaround time is 6-8 weeks.

What is your packages and pricing?

Scroll down to see. Please note any purchase made requires 1 package minimum no exceptions. You cannot buy add-ons without a package.

I want to buy a group shot (Siblings / Coach+Player / Buddy Pictures) - How do I plan this?

Have all of the kids and/or coach attend together on picture day time slot at ANY of the kids' picture time slots. We'll photograph each individual and group all at the same time. If a sibling is from another organization - they can come just for pictures.

About SilverPeak’s Photos

What design will we use, and what do our photos look like? 


Sample Individual Photo. This is what your individual photo will look like – scroll down to see many more samples. Your individual photos (8×10’s, 5×7’s, wallets etc) will be customized with your team’s colors and logo, as well as your players NAME and JERSEY NUMBERS. Sweet!


Below is our standard Customized Panoramic Team Photo. It will come customized with your team colors, name in the background, as well as SWEET images of your players both FRONT and BACK and it will also include your coaches, should they take their photos! How cool is that?!

Packages and Pricing

When you fill out the form, choose the Package to start. All orders must include a package to start. See chart below to understand what prints and products come in each package.

Products: What do we Offer?

Checkout our samples below


Our Individual Photos are anything but traditional. Every shot is custom crafted, and organizations can choose from many templates. Available in many sizes, and photo-gifts as part of packages, and add-ons!

SportMate ™

Instead of receiving a team photo, with small individual photo, framed into a traditional “Memory Mate”, we created a custom designed Sport Mate ™. Individual Photo top, and team composite photo at the bottom, creating a frame-worthy printed 8×10.


Every Photo Day, we get requests for various sibling photos, friend groups, and we provide opportunity to get these ‘buddy pics’.

Add-On Prints, and Photo Gifts

Now that we’ve got your package selected, it’s time for add-ons to round out your orders.



We offer buddy pics – an additional pose with multiple players / coaches for you to add to your order.



Among the gifts options we offer to customers are ButtonsFridge MagnetsLuggage Tags and Acrylic Key-Chains.



Every one loves the Hockey Cards! We create a custom theme for each organization, so that your cards are unique, and feature extensive details about your players on the reverse sides. 


We also offer many a-la carte prints of a variety of sizes and quantities to customize your perfect package.

Don’t see a product? No problem, just ask, we’ll quote almost any product.


We also offer Action Photo Services to allow customizable prints such as the Magazine Cover, and more intricate Hockey Cards that imitate more closely the professional hockey cards sold in retail stores.


Every one loves the Hockey Cards! With action shots, we can create unique hockey traders that will blow your friends away! 

Composite Team Panoramics

Our composite team photos are created artfully from your player’s individual photos. We shoot on green screen, and compose a final team photo that will blow your team away.

examples from last season

About SilverPeak Studios

We’ve been taking action shots for over 24 years dating back to 1990’s NHL Games! 9 years ago, we started SilverPeak Studios; shooting countless local hockey tournaments and team sports organizations across Massachusetts, Cape, Islands, RI, NY, CT, VT, NH and throughout other parts of North America.

We’ve grown our business to include Customized Team & Individual photo services over the past 6 years. We’ve grown tremendously given our unique product offering and high demand in the Massachusetts area. 

Other Products & Services


We do studio team photos but we also take action shots at your games! We book any single team (group rate) for any game of your season. The results are amazing- and you won't be disappointed.

SilverPeak Sportrait ™

In the Action Shots Photography Category - we create awesome custom digital posters such as the one you see above. We take your best shots, and compose a once-in-a-lifetime unique work of art!

Magazine Covers

We customize your favorite Action Shots into these cool frameable posters, kids love them. Customized Sports Illustrated style Magazine Covers, we have many designs.


Do you allow parents to choose the picture that will be printed?

Due to the volume side of this business, our expert artists and photographers make the final photo selections for your packages.

Can I pick the pose for my player's photos?

Typically we choose a set of poses for each organization and stick to those. If we get a special request we'll do our best to accommodate.

How long does it take to receive photos after picture day?

In most cases our lead time is 6-8 weeks. Please know that we work closely with every organization to deliver photos in bulk to the management who then passes them on to coaches. Please contact us if you have a question about timing.

How many poses do you typically take?

We snap a bunch of pictures for every player we encounter. Our goal is to make an amazing photo you'll love for years. We often take many poses.

Do you allow group/sibling/buddy photos?

Yes, we allow as many buddy-pictures as you want. Bring your siblings and friends to any of your time-slots and make your request in person for any group photo.

Do you have availability for the coming season?

We are currently booked into 2024, but it's best to contact us asap if you have a request for this season.

Still have Questions?

Email us for more info

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