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Annual Woburn Turkey Day Classic

Squirt Hockey Tournament

Nov 25-27, 2016

SilverPeak Studios will be shooting the action at this year's Turkey Day Classic.

On-Site Tournament Photography
- SilverPeak will photograph hundreds of photos per game at the Ned O’Brien Ice Rink
- We guarantee that we'll photograph all games of teams who pre-order team packages
- Stop by the photo booth before or after your games to view photos

Click here to Pre-Order your Player or Team Package

Visit our Turkey Day Classic Event Page for more details!

Custom Commemorative Poster

Oct 11, 2016

Columbus Day Jamboree Photos

Dear Hockey Fans, SilverPeak Studios is happy to announce that all Columbus Day Invitational Girls Hockey Tournament JAMBOREE Photos are being made available for FREE DOWNLOAD (galleries below).

SilverPeak Studios, the Rhode Island Sting, and Massachusetts Spitfires Organizations have partnered in providing these photos for you and your families. We're proud to be shooting the action of the future of girls, and women's hockey!

Like us on Facebook and Tell us about your Weekend!

In addition to the free download for all Action Shots at the Jamboree, we would like to offer a special edition commemorative 8x10 Poster to all participants at the discounted rate of $25.00.

Please use the form below to request your commemorative poster, just write your player info and we'll send you an invoice!

-SilverPeak Team

2016 Columbus Day Jamboree Photos

Oct 7-10, 2016

2016 - Columbus Day Invitational Annual Girls Hockey Tournament

Warwick, RI - USA

Photography At Warwick ON-SITE!
We shot all of the action at this year's Columbus Day Invitational Girls Hockey Tournament in Warwick, Rhode Island October 7th-10th.
All games at Warwick Thayer were photographed and pictures that were purchased on-site are currently processing.

We have options for post-tournament purchases:
1. $20 Viewing Pass to view photos (any subsequent order placed for the items below would be discounted by your $20).
2. $70 Player Photo Package (you get all images of one player for all games at Warwick Thayer A/B)
3. $350 Team Photo Package (you get all images for your team for all games at Warwick Thayer A/B)

> Events Page <

Click one of the links above to Purchase a Viewing Pass (click shop), or buy Photos

Once you order one of the options - we contact you for next steps (view, or take photo delivery).

If you want to view before buying, you can do so using OPTION 1 above. The images will have watermarks, but you can view them all, and decide what you'd like to do next.

-SilverPeak Studios Team


Hockey Samples (Tap to View)

Pre-Order your Teams Tournament Photo Package: $350
  • - You and your team get all photos from all games in high resolution
  • - For a team of 12 players the cost is less than $30 per player
  • - All games at Warwick Arena are photographed
  • - Hundreds of photos - stop by before your game to order at Warwick Arena
  • - Private Online gallery after tournament with all images available to download
  • - If you only play a single game at Warwick Arena- a reduced rate is available

Pre-Order your Player Tournament Photo Package: $90
  • - You get all photos in high resolution (of your chosen player only)
  • - Single Player Tournament Package $90
  • - All games at Warwick are photographed!
  • - Dozens of photos of your player!
  • - Place your order before your first game to ensure we focus on you!
  • - Private Online gallery after tournament with all images available to download

Email us with any questions!

March 18th-20th, 2016

Lobster Pot Hockey Tournament

We shot all the action at this year's Lobster Pot Hockey Tournament in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

If you purchased photos on-site, we appreciate your order, and we've processed all orders. Please contact us if you have not recieved your order.

March 6th, 2016

Squirt Tier IV State Championships (Quincy Youth Hockey)

We shot all the action at this year's Squirt Tier IV State Championship Tournament in Quincy, Massachusetts.

If you purchased photos on-site, we appreciate your order, and are working to process them now.

We can't always guarantee that we'll be able to post all photos for sale online. We're game photos by request, please make a request if you don't see your games and are interested in buying - check the link above for your games.


February 18th, 2016

The Frozen Tundra Hockey Tournament

Thank you Cape Cod for another great hockey tournament - the Frozen Tundra 2016!

February 12th, 2016

7th Annual Hurricane Invitational Hockey Tournament

Congratulations to the Jr. Hurricane Invitational Tournament winners!

Click here to view Junior Hurricanes 2016 photos that have been loaded by request.

Custom Posters

Email Us at [], or Text 626-Studios6 (626-788-3466) with your team and player number, as well as the photo serial number of the picture or pictures you would like to use in a poster, and send us an email for a quote.

Samples of Custom Hockey Action Posters

Our Favorite Sports Action Hockey Photos

Silver Peak Studios

Silver Peak Studios is a Plymouth, Massachusetts based photography freelance service which specializes in Sporting Events Photography. We do location shoots, sports photography, portraits, and much more.

Contact us for a quote.
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